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cool apply

this app awesome !! x

How silly

Was forced to rate at 5 stars without even knowing if this works. For that alone it really earns 3 stars.


Doesn’t work. Makes you rate 5 stars




Don't buy

I hate this.

I hate that it makes you rate them a 5 star review

Terrible app...lost my four dollars in this

This app is the worst thing I’ve ever seen on the App Store. I stalled it and when I appended the app, I couldn’t do anything without giving a review first. Aster that the app remained black. It didn’t do anything! The developers should be ashamed of themselves.


Very nice!

Hopefully it works

Hope it works


They force you to rate the app five stars before using

BOOO doesn’t work!!!

Paid for app gave originally 5 stars to see if opened full version and it doesnt work. Waste of money. It wont connect to my u8 smart watch 😢 you only get screen to select mode no insructions or help on their website. BOOO

Didn’t rate it five star, turned out to be a blank app

Incredibly fraudulent work. I’m baffled. Don’t buy this. If I can get a refund I will.

Save your money! Useless app

This app is useless! Bought it to see if a smart watch that works with android would work with my phone and after getting the app and opening it up there are no options to connect or anything. Please save your money and find another app or just forget it. I have the iPhone 6s+

Good price

You know from the money and actually worked out pretty well and I’ve been playing for hours

Rip Off

Fake Fake Fake!


The app is completely blank, and won’t recognize anything, even AFTER the make you give them a “5 star rating”. Biggest waste of $4 in my life.

Does this app even do anything?

So far this app does nothing. What is the point?

Not five star...

Just because you force me to give you five stars to use the app I’m going to give you an honest rating of 3, and that’s if it works, update to come.


they just took my 4 dollars and nothing shows up on the app

Rates 5 start before using????

Well i hope is work


Before you can see it doesn't work, You have to rate it 5 stars or an "unexpected error" will occur forcing you out of the app. 😑


Had to rate this 5 stars to unlock


I haven't used the app yet but will update once I do.


Even after rating the app 5 stars, it doesn’t work. Garbage app. Need a refund

Does not work

Does not work with my smart watch and IPAD. Says it does but it doesn’t.

Don’t download it.

App is fraud!! I want refund!!

Great app

Good app


Nice app

dumb app. not worth it.


Fake app

Please don’t make the same mistake I did. Bought and then realized it’s an empty fake app. Just a scam. Some bad karma coming for someone.

Don’t buy! It’s a scam!!

Doesn’t work for IOS iPhone X don’t get it! Total scam!!

Best by notifier

I love this thing

Forced rating

Forced to rate 5 stars, hopefully it works.


Five out of five

Haven’t used it yet ,but thanks.

Can’t wait to use it. Lol!



Not thrilled

Seeing the reviews makes me irritated!

Don’t download

This app is junk! It first ask to rate 5 stars to unlock extras. Then it don’t work. Then I can’t find a way to get refund!! Save your money folks!! It’s worthless!

Great app

Istalled easy enough for my granddaughter hoping it works. If not Santa has some explaining to do. What more can I say to get full features unlocked does it haves to be a novel?

Good app

Really good app now can I use it


It doesn't work


Don’t waste your money!!


Probably a gimmick, it’s a shame that I’m wasting my money on this. Forced 5 star rating

Fake review

Had to give 5 stars for app to even work

Rip off!

I should have read the reviews. This app does NOT work!

This is a scam

Doesn't work at all. They ask you to rate 5 before being able to use. How can apple allow this? I

Told to rate a 5 ....

Just downloaded app and it says I have to rate it a 5 to open all features.

Fake app

This app is fake and scammed me

What the crap

Did anybody get their money back for this ? This is ridiculous!!

Hope it works

I hope it work better than the other ones I got

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