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Rip off

Does not work with smart watch....refund my $


My review is this. I opened the app and it won’t let me do anything with it unless I give it 5 stars...not boding well.


Hope it works

Forced to Rate



This better work or I want my money back


Y’all bogus for this here


When I got this hoping it would work it doesn’t do anything I wish I could get my money back

Don’t use this app

It’s fake, forces you to rate it 5 stars before using, makes you pay$3.99, and then it doesn’t do anything. Wow you guys are crooks.

Crap app

It must be a fake app because it doesn’t appear on my app list.. even after turning phone on/off.


Good app

App no work on my IPhone 6s Plus I want to cancel it

I try to contact the developer and I have to wait went them are available as soon as possible


I didnt even approve of this purchase and yet it still took it out of my account and when i saw it on my phone i looked to see what it was and i have no reason for it to be on my phone so please give me my money back


This is garbage. Don’t waste your money on this app.

NO features. Does not work

It doesn’t connect with the watch. It doesn’t have help, o instructions. Only “CENTRAL “ and “PERIPHERAL “ do absolutely nothing!! this an scam? $4???? How it is that AppStore in Apple allows this??


Most of the other apps are pretty steep when it comes to pricing. If I wanted to have another monthly payment I would sign up for another credit card.

Rip off

The app doesn’t work Will not pair Don’t buy


Apps a joke and so am I. I just threw away 3.99 nice scam for this designer

Terrible. Does not work

Forces you to give 5 star rating to access app. Then there is nothing in the app. I’m getting my money back. I will dispute the charges. Don’t purchase

Don't get this

Waste of money



Fingers crossed

Well I hope this works

Smart watch

How can I connect to my GT08 Smart watch it won’t allow me, is there a way!!!!!


Well I rated and paid still nothing idk these apps are bogus

Fake app, wasted money!!

Fake app no features

This is bull

Have to rate before you can use.


Lol we will see!!


This app does not work. I want a refund.

Didnt work

App forces people for it to work but doesnt. Dont even consider buying it

Teona B

Have not used yet but it better work since I paid for it. P. S. It will not let you go forward until you give 4 stars


I am just doing this because it says to. Will this really work?

Dont buy no worth ur time

Had to put 5 stars should be no stats and it don't work not good


Not happy paying for something that does not work


It works

I paid $3.99 and it’s not working

I have an iPhone X this program could not find the smartwatch Don’t buy

Fingers crossed too

Having a Smart Watch is pretty convenient. I hope this works because it looks cool.


You must write a review before it even allows you to open the app. So far I can’t get it to do a darn thing. Thanks for stealing my money


Same as others


Don’t even bother. I wasted my money and it doesn’t even do anything.

Does not work with Dz09 watch

I purchased this and did nothing but waste my time

Great app

Best app ever

I can’t connect my phone to it


BT rate

Wow. Sure is great. Hmmm

Not at all amused

Paid $3.99 and app doesn’t work. Waste of money


I purchased this and hoped to connect my U80 smartwatch with my iPhone 6 but didn’t work. Which was a huge disappointment. $5.00 goes to waste. Not happy with this. Will change to 5 star if someone here find a way to connect iPhone 6 to U80 smartwatch.

Don't buy it.

This doesn't work and you're out 4 dollars. It's really just stupid.

SCAM app.. Does not Work!!

They make you pay for an app that does absolutely nothing, completely useless.. they should refund and be fined by the app store.. complete scam!!

Don’t get it it’s fake

This is fake open it up and blank

My review

I should have listened!


Hoping it works


Makes you pay before you can search

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